Applications And Competition

If there are three great applications and the three of us are applying and the three of us are good if any of us are going to get in there’s absolutely no cap at the numbers so that’s helpful hopefully you have any examples of a cliche essay that’s a really difficult question yeah I mean I think that we always want to show ourselves in our best light and I think sometimes people want to demonstrate their good character by showing you how they help somebody and often it’s like to bring a child I feel like I’ve more like how things like doing some sort of volunteer with one person and you know the name of that person and it’s meaningful and it’s it’s the lovely idea. Learn how to make your application essay stand out at Edusson.

Unfortunately just tends to be a little bit like the cliche topic for a college essay because it just have done so many times now if you’re like if you wrote something like that you’re like oh no I’m too young I don’t want to say that but I would just say to not necessarily make that the only thing that you read about in your essay when you try to bring it back to other parts of your life or kind of how influential that has been on I’m doing different parts of what do you do so I know that a lot of admissions readers say about like mission trips is something that has been done many many times not volunteer experiences of that nature but of course it’s there there there good time I’m not saying they’re good right the reason why they’re good talk niggas is I mean not the reason why they’re good topics but a lot of people do them because they are good topics it’s just that a lot of people do themselves and then of course there’s things about working in a team and sports things that are like a teamwork base and there are a lot of people interested in for me this is what I’ve seen.

A lot of people interested becoming doctors and that may have been stemmed from seeing an illness in the family right that is very common and I would almost say at some point that I thought which is like amazing but you know that 80% of site is not a doctor so just to keep in mind when you’re kind of writing about those certain particular aspirations that it is a pretty common topic I think there’s a way that talking about earlier the presentation where you can talk about mundane things and make it your own and make it interesting and so we’re not saying that you can’t talk about a volunteer trip that you took in and you know it being cliche there’s a way that you could spin it or phrase it or reframe it in a way that it’s a little bit different than what you might typically see but again I think that up to you and your approach.

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