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The problem with Quora first of all anyone can respond to you and there is no guarantee that that will be a professional writer or that a person will have any connection to academic writing at all someone can respond from his experience as a student and someone we simply respond because he likes responding and I also answer on Quora but I actually log into not log into my account only once a week I have a very busy workload and I have no stability to give free answers and free advice to all Quora users so the chances that you will have quality answers and timely answers uh not so vague.

So where to ask your questions is make a stand you can ask them on the back side there is an Aspie pager where you can put exact question something you have stuck on and I will help you with that and we have you know a Facebook community and make a stand as a writing assistance where I can respond or hopefully other users will join too and will respond and give you some timely tips what I also recommend you is to ask in the commands to the relevant articles for example if you struggle with some hook in sentences or an introduction in general you may Google some relevant articles on that and in the commands you ask you exact question and there is a pretty good chance that the author of the article will respond on my website there are a lot of blocks block costs – about paraphrasing about mistakes with language you might have mistakes with a see structure.

So if you have some problems with structure if you don’t understand something you are free to do that in the comments and the last my advice is to use editing services a lot of students underestimate editing has they think that editing is something like proofreading yes but actually what is the difference editing can solve very many problems with a structure of your a/c in many cases in the university at college you will work on your essay in several stages so teachers don’t give one task and use they say you have a long essay and you will people have to write it and to finish it in a week they say first find the sources you need analyze use verses and create a thesis statement create an outline so you may have worked previously on your paper you may have something but you may still have no time to combine everything where you have combined everything and you are not satisfied with the result so your solution yes salvation is editing services editing services is working much on the structure on the presentation on the language all this is a statement on the conclusion so at the end you have quality I see all your work you you do everything you can you ask but at the end if you are not satisfied with the result then editing services can change it all good.

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