What To Know About Personal Statements

If you are not satisfied with the essay you are probably not you are probably not not satisfied with the story you are just unsatisfied with how you are trying to write it or convey it so there’s a lot of stories you can’t put them all into one essay unfortunately there’s a word limit and you can’t write a novel to really just pick one story and it is no story is inadequate I think I mean you guys are already ahead of the curve so it is pretty awesome because I wish I knew that opportunities like this existed where I can hear from people who who read the applications people who are familiar with the process that I could ask a question maybe without having any background information or any knowledge of the process and still get some in some stuff that I could really use and apply so keep it up okay okay um so the next one we have has to do with you know just beyond thinking beyond you know the big personal statement Biograph essay for those supplemental essays the ones about the specific school you know why do you want to attend one or Stanford Williams any school when is school asked why do you like our school how do you answer the question how do you make your answer unique. Learn more about supplemental essays at

Well I guess the question is this kind of comes back to that big idea of fit so where where do you see yourself happy why do you see yourself at that school um you know is there a program is there something about that place that you really enjoy um because this spends a greater question of you know why am i applying to the school to begin with and yeah maybe a lot of you enjoy let’s say biology and maybe that’s why you are looking at a school but again think about why are you interested in biology what do you hope to get from the experience you know maybe at this school of enough you don’t necessarily have to talk in very very specific detail because they are also developing your interests as as a scholar so having that budding experience is also worth worth a lot of values so don’t feel like you have to know every single program but it is more about why why are you following this path that can be really important I would definitely agree with that and say just to do your research as well right.

So if you if you get that question you are like I actually don’t know right so that’s a good self check as well um but spend time on the website if you can’t visit that schools spend time on the website figuring out what they say about themselves talk to other Crestridge students who’ve gone through that school right you can get lots of contact information and you can find out what it is like to be on a high achieving low income student at that school I know we don’t ask that question at my current at Mona but at my previous institution when we asked that some of those were actually shared on opening day during the speech and you got students who it was even like the first time they showed up on campus just sitting there and looking out over the campus and realizing like wow there’s a gut feeling that this is a good place to me right so it doesn’t necessarily have to be this huge profound like oh and then I discovered this professor and they changed my life and I’m going to go on to you know cure cancer or whatever it is it could just be like I haven’t really got good strong feeling about this place this place feels like home this is a good institution for me so it is just whatever fits you and fit is a huge part about.

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