Essay Writing

Write the First Draft of Your Essay

Once you’ve written your essay plan you’re ready to start writing your first draft. Don’t worry about making your first draft perfect, because you just want to allow your ideas to flow and then your later drafts will be for fixing mistakes and improving your writing.

When you do begin writing your first draft make sure to write in third-person and avoid using words like I, me or my, unless your teacher tells you to do it, just makes your writing stand more sophisticated.

Write your first draft as rapidly as you can.
In writing the first draft of your essay, try to get as many ideas down on paper as quickly as you can. Don’t worry about spelling or punctuation at all at this stage, just ideas.

Don’t worry about your introduction.
One of the reasons why many of us have trouble writing a first draft is that we try to write the essay beginning with the introduction. This is a difficult, and sometimes an impossible, task. How can you introduce an essay you haven’t written yet? Until you see what the body of your essay will say, it is almost impossible to write an effective introduction.

Try to write the whole essay even if you don’t have all material you need.
Sometimes, you can find that you don’t have all of the material you need for a finished essay.

Rewrite your thesis statement.

When you have finished your first draft, re-write your thesis statement and look if that is stillthe main topic of your essay. If it isn’t, revise the thesis statement. It is not unusual to rewrite your thesis statement a dozen times in the course of revising your essay.

Write your first draft in the easiest and most comfortable way for you.
Do whatever you’re most comfortable with. Check your work once you finish writing your essay and you’re happy with it. Then it is time to proofread your essay before you hand it. I like to spend roughly fifteen minutes reading over my essay and checking over my spelling grammar and punctuation. The other thing that I find really helpful is to set my essay aside for a couple of days that way I want to come back to it. I’m able to view my work more objectively which also helps me see whether I print as concisely and logically as I could have.

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